The King Twins


In 1970, the Dow Jones hovered around 850, a new home would run you $23,000, gas prices averaged 36 cents, and Sports Illustrated cost 15 cents.   Sports Illustrated would have been writing about Billy Kid lighting up the World Cup ski racing circuit and possibly a mention of Viki Fleckenstein, a promising local racer training at your Cazenovia Ski Club. It was during this same time, ambitious 16-year-old twins would register for the National Ski Patrol.

Yesterday, at the annual National Ski Patrol refresher held at Toggenburg, Jim and Pete King were recognized for 50 Years of service with the National Ski Patrol.  This is an incredible achievement and one of many examples of their dedication to the Cazenovia Ski Club and the community at large. We cannot thank Jim and Pete enough for all they have done for the club over the years, including 50 years of patrolling.

It is also worth noting, Russ King has been with NSP for 46 years and Tom King joined the patrol in 2016.   Our small patrol is heavy on Kings and we are thankful for that.

NSP & K9 at the NYS Fairgrounds 

October 23rd, 2019 | Syracuse New York

Over this past weekend the CNY Region of National Ski Patrol attended the Fall Ski Show in Syracuse, NY. Fifteen CNY patrollers manned the regional booth along with Maddie the rescue dog. They Ccame home with #28 names and contact information from those that  were interested in joining ski patrol in our Region at our various mountains!


Thank you to: Scott Launt, Nev Sachs, Vin Maresco, Brian Hust, Cindy Hoalcraft, Tony Martin, Adam Brement, Rich Parker, Kurt Levin, Leena Waterman, Andrew Radin, Tate Tiller, Helena Baert, Mike Cassidy, Lyane LaVine ...... and Maddie! 

They used the CNY regional promotional booth for the show. So far this season, the booth has traveled to Fort Drum, Dry Hill, McCauley Mtn, and the Ski Show ....... it has future bookings for the three Warren Miller movies in our area soon. 

When you see your fellow patrollers, give them a huge 'THANKS' for stepping up! Last season we graduated more than #30 new patrollers into our ranks in the CNY Region.