FEMA ICS-100 Course

As everyone should be aware by now, NSP is required by FEMA to have all patrollers complete the ICS-100 course by the end of the year.  At our Region meeting it was decided that to document and record the completion of the course by all Song Patrollers, a course has been set up on NSP.ORG for the ICS-100 course.

Course Title: Incident Command System 100


All Patrollers will have to register for the course on NSP.org.  We would like to have everyone complete the course by the end of October to meet the deadline and close out the course before the end of the year.  To get credit for completing the course you will need to send me your completion certificate, preferably electronically, or hard copy if need be.  I know some of you have completed the course and sent me your certificates but you still need to go on NSP.org and register for the course so we cam document the completion.    


The attached PDF contains the course information along with the link to FEMA to take the course.  Once you have completed the course on line you will need to print the completion certificate and send it to me.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to take the course as at that point we will be in refresher season.