Bill Boulter Inducted into the NSP Hall of Fame (12/6/2020)

Bill Boulter of Dry Hill has been inducted into the NSP Hall of Fame. A very special honor awarded from Bill's extensive service on Patrol. Over the course of Bill's service, he has been a Patrol Director, Regional Awards Advisor, Divisional Awards Advisor, National Awards Advisor, and has received a Distinguished Service Award, Merit Service Award, and a Life-Saving Merit Star to name a few of his accomplishments whilst on Patrol.  We thank you for the work you've done and congratulate you on your induction! 

Bert Ebeling Receives Distinguished Service Award 

Bert Ebeling received the NSP DSA award ( Distinguished Service Award) for his many contributions to CNY Region National Ski Patrol.

Bert has been:
Assistant Regional Director
Regional Director
OEC and ‘SR’ OEC Instructor
OET and ‘SR’ OET Instructor
To mention a few of his many accomplishments

Life Saving Merit Stars

Life-saving merit stars were awarded by Doug Adams, Regional Director, and Bill Perkins, Assistant Regional Director for a number of the McCauley Mountain patrollers.

On Jan 19th, 2019, a member of the skiing public, a man in his 30’s, clicked into his bindings and skied down from the main lodge with intentions of boarding the lift with his family. He does not remember skiing down to the lift area. When he did arrive, down near the lift, he collapsed in a heap!  Unconscious and unresponsive, not breathing. Members of the McCauley (Old Forge) Ski patrol sprang into action! They recognized the severity, got the oxygen and the AED to the scene and shocked the man’s heart back into rhythm, while doing compressions, applying oxygen and bag mask to assist breathing. The Ambulance came to transport him the 1 hour drive to the Utica, NY hospital. It just so happened that the ambulance crew was present at their corps room when the call came in.


It was a successful story as the man lived to tell the story and came back weeks later to thank the patrol for saving his life. Many patrollers pictured contributed to the incident.   Those not pictured include: Pat Dewey, Sharon Polyak, Curt Dewey, Kevin Kogut, and Chrsity Lohof. Congratulations to the patrollers who responded using their OEC training………….those refreshers really do payoff!

SR OEC Trainer Evaluator (T/E) Clinic























Counter-clock-wise from bottom of picture:Carol Rehkugler, Arnie Caddick,
Tom Hughes, Peter Adams(assist E. DIV OEC supervisor)


Working on a 2 injured person senecio
From bottom right counter-clock-wise:
Marsha Powell (ROA), Mark Goebel, Rick Malek, Jim Shaw, Carol Rehkugler, Arnie Caddick, Tom Hughes, Mitch Kline, Bert Ebeling, Mike Adams, Jim Morrison, Shelby (the dog), Peter Adams