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To all Patrol Directors in the Central NY Region; Due to Covid 19 we must modify many things including the nomination process for Region Director. Anyone wishing to have their name on the ballot must submit a resume for review by the election committee. We are asking you as Patrol Directors to forward this message to your respective patrollers so that anyone qualified and wishing to be placed on the ballot is notified. Qualifications for Region Director are listed below. 

* Active dues paying patroller.

* Five years of patrolling.

* Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic or Certified status. To all Patrol Directors in the CNY Region; Other Practical Attributes:

* They must have leadership skills and have held leadership roles, usually exceeding 4 years.

* They must know the inner workings of the region, its finances and personnel.

* A high standard of conduct.

* Honesty, integrity, and reliability.

* Civility and congeniality.

* Diplomacy.

* Be dedicated to all of patrol not just their own goals and ambitions.


The Region Director will serve for a two year term and may only serve three terms. Regardless of the voting timeline, the term will begin April 1. Nominations must be submitted by September 15, 2020.
Please forward all applications to ; watertownskipatrol@hotmail.com .  Nominations Will be closed October 15th.
Thank you,
Election Committee
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